And Lo… by Daniel Connelly

And Lo, the Ants did Partake of the Raisins

Grappa habit.  Twice a day
I reach for the jar of raisins
soaked in vintage Nardini Bassano
to chew on a spoonful or two.

Last night I upended a dozen or so
onto the patio and well I never
if the ants didn’t come in an orderly line
and proceed to while away dead time.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever seen
sozzled ants but it’s a major melee
what with all those legs refusing orders;

and instead of carrying their eggs
over their shoulders they tossed them round like
rugby balls.  I swear that several
linked up to binge-conga on the concrete

while others lay flat out half on
half off dead leaves while others
picked a fight with tiny twigs
and even if this is not entirely true

it would make for great spectator sport,
don’t you agree?  Uh-Oh,
the grappa’s running low again
I see.

Copyright © Daniel Connelly 2013

A former British diplomat, Daniel has directed theatre on three continents and was until 2010 the Artistic Director of Zuloo Theatre in Shanghai, where his production of David Henry Hwang’s ‘M. Butterfly’ was forced to close by the Chinese secret police.  Daniel is currently an assistant professor of Theatre and English Literature at John Cabot University in Rome and at The American University of Rome.

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