Yer Messin wae ma Karma, by Dora Wright

Yer Messin wae ma Karma

Yer messing wae ma Karma
yer puting it oot o’ sync
ma nerves are a’ in tatters noo
a’l huv tae tak some Zinc

Yer gettin me all wound up
instead o calming doon
A wish ye’d leave me on ma own
ma head is buzzing roon

Jist go away and stay away
ah don’t want you coming roon
yer messing way ma chakras
an there’s clouds across the moon

Am feeling gae light heided
an ma aura’s getting dim
al huv tae sit and chant a bit
or maybe huv a Pimms

Yer like an arra through ma brain
wae aw yer constant yacking
perhaps ye need some vitamins
ther’s something in you lacking

Ye lift me up and drap me doon
ye tell me that ye’ll be here soon
jist keep heading oot o toon
or back inside yer Mithers womb

yev goat ma nerves a janglin
an um feelin awfy shaky
as soon as a kin sort it oot
a’d better get some Reiki

Whit goes aroon comes aroon
says that guy the Dalai Lama
I hope you get what you deserve
fur messing wae ma Karma

Copyright © Dora Wright 2013

Dora has been writing poetry and short stories for four years, since joining a local writing group. She lives in Alexandria, near Loch Lomond. She has had several poems published and last year she won a poetry competition run by West Dunbartonshire Libraries.

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1 Response to Yer Messin wae ma Karma, by Dora Wright

  1. james brown says:

    Enjoyed that. I can just see the bad moon rising.

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