Renga – Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch

new grasses on the slope
silvered by the sun
wave in the breeze

bright sun and insistent blow
an East Coast May morning

out on the Bass
gannet, guillemot, razorbill –
it’s one big guano-ed tenement stair

new wave old wave wave goodbye
wavy lines – all that froth

shape-shifting wave-breaker
beams out torchlight
from moth-eaten blanket

a bargain buy from Tesco
juicily waiting in my lunch bag

getting up late
energy levels
approach equinox

we’re at perfect pitch
two crochets quavering their song

little fly lands
on my clenched fist
makes me open it

gannet dives, ripples send out radar
dinner is served

the Belisha beacon blaze of buckthorn
winter’s bitter pill
of last resort

crossing where it’s safe
the frozen stream creaks but holds

no sign of cold easing
but the dark days
lighten, lengthen

red painted lanterns
celebrate another New Year

a bird of prey
fixes its gaze
races, swoops

sloe is first to break
white blossom on black skewers

The Ravensheugh Renga, 25 May 2013, Baldred’s Cradle, near Tyninghame, was led by Anna Dickie.

The circle of poets: Anna Dickie, Karen Gabbitas, Ursula Fearn, Colin Will, Rita Bradd

schema by Anna Dickie:

late spring (flower)
early summer
spring (moon)

Copyright © Individual authors 2013


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