Roddy Shippin

Tempus Repit

fan-head revolves
its half-circle

sheet of paper
at intervals

skittles are mainlined
for each pyrrhic burst
of energy

the watched clock
is being micromanaged

I tell the time
you pass too slow
this afternoon

I tell the time
you are not enough money

I tell the time
I’m just not sure what makes you tick

I tell the time
I’m sorry I kill you so often
it’s nothing personal

I tell the time
I’m just biding my you
until you & chance happen to me

Copyright © Roddy Shippin 2013


Roddy Shippin is anti-war, anti-cuts and anti-histamine. He has previously had poems in such places as The Delinquent, Ink Sweat & Tears, Handful of Stones and One Night Stanzas. He helps to run Blind Poetics – a monthly, Edinburgh-based spoken word evening – as well as edit the poetry at Valve Journal. Poetic influences include Edwin Morgan, Amiri Baraka and Shiv Chanderpaul.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to Roddy Shippin

  1. james brown says:

    oh yes I enjoyed this. Especially as time is misbehaving this morning, where is it going?

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