Robert Nisbet: Two poems


We have huge cattle herds, the sweetest oranges
and six varieties of rattlesnake
(You have a great day, you guys)
Polo and world-class fishing, up-state they hunt alligators
(You just have a beautiful day)
The snacks, The National Geographic unread
on the long glass coffee table
(You just go eat, fella. You’re in America now. Get a belly)
8.23 a.m., the stock market program on the plasma screen
and a Wall Street day is near
(This is the news from the markets, guys,
this is the squawk from the streets)
The built front stoop, the green back yard, the swimming pool
(You guys will just have the most awesome day)

and maybe no-one will acknowledge
a horror
at the nearing decline, the closing curtain
and the long walk down to the final sunset.


Along the footpath, down the evening’s avenue,
dogs root, children call, there is kindliness.
We sense late evening sun, the smell of an air
heavy with the harvest of cut grass.
There is no cloud, save maybe the one above the head
of banker Jones, who is tapping away on-screen,
debating comparison web sites,
unaware of the nine o’clock sky.

Copyright © Robert Nisbet 2013

Robert Nisbet, who lives in Pembrokeshire, has taught English and creative writing in a college of education, in two grammar schools, three comprehensives, for two universities and in a raft of adult education centres. He has published just over 100 short stories and nearly 100 poems.


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