Johnni Stanton

No Direction 

Turn right, turn right.
But there’s no way out,
the way out is barred.
There is only a wall.
It’s another dead end.
You go back the way
and turn to the left.
praying it is an exit.
There is a door at last,
but it opens to a very,
very long corridor that
appears to have no end.

Go back the way, go back!
Turn to the right again.
But no, another dead end
and it’s then you realise,
the two places you hate
most of all in the world,
labyrinths and hospitals
have been combined in one!

Who the hell thought that
was a great idea in the
history of great ideas?


Copyright © Johnni Stanton 2013

Johnni Stanton was making poetry as a young child, winning 7 Burns
certificates in a row at Primary School in Niddrie.  Despit his “feral
childhood”, as a teen, he volunteered with the early Craigmillar
Festival and went on to Drama College (which didn’t work!).
Johnni worked extensively in Community Development and Community
Theatre, plus writing over 100 scripts and copious poems and short
stories, performing in Belgium and Greece, including
Writer-in-Residence to the Youth Theatre at the Netherbow Theatre.
Latterly Johnni has been a Community Archivist with several
exhibitions and is the founder of Craigmillar Archives Trust and The
Craigmillar Poets.  His first book of poetry will be  published later
in the year.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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