The Dunbar walking renga

this moment under the sun

lime mortar in the walls
plantain in the cracks
Dunbar cemented

ragwort popping yellow
above a moving mantle of water

a line of gannets
arrows across the sea
gulls’ harsh alarm

kittiwakes bloom
on Black Agnes’s walls

grass heads hiss
waving in the sudden breeze
nudging on the summer’s day

he garners birdies, I muck about with words
I forgive him and he forgives me

wandering off alone
I trample over mayweed
crushed pineapple

huddling together for warmth
we shut down for the season

when you look up at the sky
do you ever wonder
who looks down on you?

the geese are gone
slowly it begins to get lighter

silver edged clouds race past
dispelling the darkness
of a wild March night

this moment under the sun
the blossom’s out so let’s not speak of stone

this moment under the sun

a walking renga in summer
John Muir Way, Dunbar
20 July, 2013


Alexander ‘Twig’ Champion
Anna Dickie
Karen Gabbitas
Sheree Mack (Master)
Colin Will (Host)

Copyright © authors 2013


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to The Dunbar walking renga

  1. Anna says:

    Nice to see the renga posted on line. It was a wonderful day

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