Kriss Nichol

The Story of my Birthplace
(inspired by The Story of my Country by Asadullah Habib)

The story of my birthplace
is written on its mines and shipyards –
abandoned, rusting, derelict.
A story of vibrancy, heroism
and betrayal, played out like old
Pathe Newsreels of half-truths.

It is a table carved by craftsmen,
polished with patience and love,
watermarked with vandalism,
an aria sung by broken-voiced
choirboys, a cubist picture by Picasso.

Today the sea-fret holds me
in the grip of drowned sailors;
rivets, hammers, welding torches
are silent, dynamite no longer
cracks roofs, crushing men
who toil deep in the earth.

Over disused railway lines
and walls built to the sounds
of marching sandals and clashing swords,
weeds grow, reclaiming the earth,
wiping the slate clean.

Copyright © Kriss Nichol 2013

I’m a retired teacher living in SW Scotland. I moved here from the NE of England 10 years ago after gaining an MA in Creative Writing from Northumbria University. My poems have been published in various anthologies and small press magazines and a collection The Language of Crows was self-published last year. My first novel In Desolate Corners, Shadows Crouch is available in both hard copy and Kindle forms from Amazon. A second novel is nearing completion.


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