Bethany W Pope

See Spot Run

Just a quick metal prick and the ending began. A swift sluice
of death lunged toward your heart, propelled
by the beat beat beat of blood through veins that seemed
implacable until it stopped. Your Dalmatian pelt held warmth
longer than the flesh of the jaws I gripped determined
as I was to drink down the last of you, that dreadful fear-glimmer.
Brown eyes blanked, mine and yours, we matched
in colour in that one place, or had until yours took on
a cloudy scrim and mine filled up with the fury that wouldn’t
rise from my mouth. My feet and legs were washed in urine.
But I remembered what you were, before the beginning had ended.
A rush of muscle over bone that dove with me through undergrowth,
motion made of equal parts nature and love, before I became
a woman, before anyone told me that you were just a dog.

Copyright © Bethany W Pope 2013

Bethany W Pope is an award winning author of the LBA, and a finalist for the Faulkner-Wisdom Awards. She received her PhD from Aberystwyth University’s Creative Writing program. Her first poetry collection, A Radiance was published by Cultured Llama Press last June. Her second collection, Crown of Thorns, will be published by Oneiros press this September.


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