Jax Leck


Dreams are the bolthole
where I close out the world
and become my alter ego.
The Writer of Wrongs

The chaos of reality dims
as solutions are found
to the insurmountable hurdles
of daily life

Empowerment surges within me
and the world of
the burnt kittens,
the butchered dolphins,
the battered women,
the abused children,
never happens again.

Religions read their own scriptures
and start to understands the words.
Capitalism grows a heart
and stops killing the planet.
Extremists grows a brain
and stop killing their own people.

I can feel the contentment
well-being and joy as
I breathe deep and long
for morning when…

the dreaming stops
reality kicks in and
the cloak of invincibility drops

I am left, vulnerable.

Copyright © Jax Leck (c) 2013


Jax Leck, writer and poet and whisky lawyer. Currently apprenticed to Magi Gibson’s Wild Women Writing


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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