John Irvine

Address Is Approximate (Copenhagen)

Tailgated crones
ride elongated stems
like sinister Giacometti figures.

Imperious scarves bandage
white, bloodless necks
as they weave these

entranced streets
in a tortured tapestry
of secret signals, dark arts and hats –

hovering, royally,
on their no-name,
generic curb crawlers.

Ivory babies,
squeezed into winter-suits
and knitted headgear,

fix themselves as astronauts,
albino sci-fi freaks,
perambulated stormtroopers,

all listening, all watching –
mute as snow.
While their percolated parents

exercise control,
newfangled propriety
and a sharp, telescoped focus –

enough to burn those black hags
with a single, mindless

Their occultation
makes this city
near invisible –

even without foreground
it’s almost not here:
Roads so wide

like a ghostly Moscow.
devoured by dragons.

The witches
denying their own


Copyright © John Irvine 2013

John Irvine studied things at Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, the RSAMD, Glasgow and The University of Edinburgh. His poems and short stories have been published, or are forthcoming in: Blinking Cursor, Essence, Open Mouse, Poetry Scotland, South and Streetcake Magazine, amongst others. John blogs at More at


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