Madelaine Cave


In September brambles bear their beaded fruit
Bitter green berries shed white petticoats
And blush demurely, then swell and ripen
Through the colours of sunset to midnight sky
Now succulent and sweet, they shine like jewels
And flaunt themselves to catch your eye

Buckets in hand my mother, my sister and me
Under a low autumn sun on a clear blue day
Meander along the hedgerows
Picking, picking, picking
Talking, laughing, singing; mostly silent
Listening to the bees

Mother worked intently, her pail overflowing first
We giggled, and hid half of what we gathered
In our mouths, only the ripest, feeling them burst
And fill us with the taste of an Indian summer
They stained our lips and gave the game away

Thorns pricked our busy fingers
But we hardly felt the pain at all
And the best was yet to come
Bramble jelly straight from heaven
Standing on a chair beside the stove
Syrup bubbling, rolling, plopping
In the pot, like molten lava
Mum stirring, stirring, stirring
I waited to lick the spoon
As the scent of purple
Filled the house


Copyright © Madelaine Cave 2013

Madelaine Cave is a mother, singer, writer and radio presenter living in East Lothian, Scotland.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to Madelaine Cave

  1. Thrilled to see my poem here, thank you Colin!

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