Dorothy Gallagher

Quietly So

Not with razors do you cut
a slice thin of the other’s flesh.
Nor with flush-fuelled rage
and table thumping fists,
an alpha chest laid bare
to scare off anyone who’d dare
to stare you out.
No shouts.
For not with decibels is your
full volume pitched.
The toughest itch to scratch,
the one whose focus shifts
and never leaves a scar
to satisfy, to say
‘Look there!
That is the cause,
the source of all this pain.’
For then its trail brings glory too.
But you,
you left no sign
that you had slashed and raged,
let fall your full weight,
crushing hope of truth, equality and love.
Ah, love, yes love, of course,
Did I not say?
I love you too.

Copyright © Dorothy Gallagher 2013


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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