Dora Wright

Hip Hip Hooray

Av been tae see the doctor
wae the pain thats in ma hip
he said its wear and tear…
ah said its gein me gyp
he said tae try some physio
tae see if that wid help
he said yer getting on ye know
a nearly gave him a skelp
am no that bloody auld a said
I’m only in ma prime
he said by the time ye get your age
its jist a matter o time
afore yer body starts tae fail
and starts tae fa’ apart
and then before ye know it
its a stroke, a fa’ , yer heart
a said “Keep going yer cheering me up
its hardly worth gaen hame”
aw yous bliddy doctors
are aw the bliddy same
ye think because we’re on in years
its time tae pit us doon
but a’ will tell ye this son
your time is coming roon
Afore ye know it ye’ll be auld
wae aw its aches and pains
ye’ll sit an moan when its too hot
an when its belting doon wae rain
A hope yer doctor gies ye mer hope
than whit yer gein me
a felt a right when a came in
noo a feel like I micht dee
A think’l go an huv a drink
it might help dull the pain
an if am bliddy lucky
al no see you again”

Copyright © Dora Wright 2013
Dora Wright has been writing poetry and short stories for four years
she is a member of the Pen & Ink Club in Balloch, near Loch Lomond

About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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