J M Brown

Alter Ego

After a few glasses of wine, Clint appeared
a dusty vagabond in the bar-room mirror,
one tooth missing from a roguish smile,
a star spangled bandana slipping over one eye.

He’d just married a girl from Haiti,
It was an arranged marriage.
He was paid two hundred pounds cash
and given as much booze as he could drink.

Half way through the reception,
Apparitio, an exquisite member
of the fading Hispaniola  aristocracy,
consummated the union.

Back in the bar he was a hero.
his chest puffed out like a fan-tailed pigeon.
The drinks flowed and the fighting began.
He staggered up from the table.

Throwing back an imaginary poncho,
he declared, to nobody in particular.
“My arm is long. My vengeance is total.”

This was the invitation the bride’s brothers
unhappy about their sister’s sad mis-match
needed to end the perfect day.

Copyright © J.M.Brown 2013


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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