C J Heyworth

Eternal Sunset
With gratitude to Fernando Pessoa

For a moment or two let us consider the feelings that hurt us most
emotions painful as a wasp sting even though they are absurd:
we long, we yearn for impossible things for being so impossible,
nurse nostalgia for what never quite was, rue not being another,
declare dissatisfaction with the world as it is, our unfulfilled self.

All of these are wisps, half-tones in the consciousness of the spirit
as it paints for us life’s landscape, an eternal sunset of who we are.

Copyright © C J Heyworth 2013

http://www.facebook.com/christo81 is the link to the WRITER page of Christopher Heyworth, retired FE English & Drama teacher who is widowed and lives in Blackpool.


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One Response to C J Heyworth

  1. “wisps, half tones”
    I love this- such a simple elegance.

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