Robert Nisbet

The Old Champion
He played for The Town, in the season
they won the championship.
In the meantime

there were the shimmering sixties,
confusions of scent and sound.
There were the kids and the seventies,
parents’ evenings, puzzlement,
homework nights, the graduate daughter.
A diligent career on the railway,
the recurring thrill
as the diesel came in from Paddington
right on seven forty-four.
The fall of evenings at the Rec,
the playtimes easier now, the grandchildren,
their elders on benches.
The shouts that ring across the grass evoke
those goals of his which whistled in
from the sweet brown boots he dubbined
so lovingly, in his mother’s kitchen.

Copyright © Robert Nisbet 2013

Robert Nisbet, who lives in Pembrokeshire and who has antecedents from the Isle of Tiree, has now had published just over 100 short stories and just over 100 poems, including 24 in his pamphlet Merlin’s Lane (Prolebooks, 2011).


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One Response to Robert Nisbet

  1. james brown says:

    I always look forward to Roberts poems. Great.

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