Maurice Devitt

A Lifetime in Aleppo

Swaddled into a world
where life is the only antidote
to death, she wakes
to the crumpled landscape
of her mother’s skin, eyes drawn
to etchings of blood
on bone, learns
to fear the silence,
to count her future
on the fingers of one hand.

Born with an inkling
that cowards in doorways
only ever dress in black
and even cartoon crows
in trench-coats are dazed
by a pin-prick of light,
she sleeps in the arc
of the moon.
Bloated by spaghetti stew,
she takes refuge

in the normality of nightmares,
exhumes a history
of massacres and earthquakes,
re-run to a point
where every second time
she comes out
on the right side and knows
one night she will escape,
leaving behind
a name and a wooden crutch.

Copyright © Maurice Devitt 2013

A graduate of the Poetry Studies MA at Mater Dei, I have had poems published in various journals in Ireland, England, Scotland, the US and Mexico.


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