Alexander Champion: Five haiku

Sunday 28th July 2013, Five haiku from a walk with Colin Will

Relentless downpour,
Cannot crush the spirit of
The fledgling Rowan.
Alarmed at our steps,
The snail runs back to cover,
Fast as it can go.
One lonely Poppy,
Head bowed against the deluge,
Watching the river.
Brown river water,
Reflecting the broiling sky,
A tumult of grey.
Back in Belhaven,
The giant Cherry stretching,
Branches in welcome.

Copyright © Alexander ‘Twig’ Champion 2014

I see walking and writing as inextricably linked. I am an artist whose work is entirely built around the act of walking.I walk to gain a meditative mindset finding the creation of short, Zen poems flows easily from that act. The walk is the artwork, a temporal act, an experience never to be recovered, but hinted at by the poetry that comes from it.


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2 Responses to Alexander Champion: Five haiku

  1. I particularly like the idea of a snail running ‘as fast as it can go’. Lovely images and what a wonderful bio! A poem in itself and so true about the art of walking. Thank you.

  2. The “one lonely Poppy” touches my heart.

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