Andy Thornton

The Gathering Place

“This is where you will stand,”
his mother told him,
“In the warm days of Summer
you will gather here,
as your grand-parents
and great grand-parents
and all those who have gone before.
This is where your kin have stood,
on this whaleback of grey granite.
Back through the fog banks and storms,
in ice-speckled Autumns
and the suns of all time.
You will stand here, sometimes alone,
or with us all, and beyond
in a time when my bones bleach.
You will stand silent and still,
staring out across the sea
while the tides lap around
this lump of smoothed boulder.
Others will watch as you stretch
and dry your wings,
oiling to a glistening blackness
while they judge your feathered crucifixion
sinister and unholy.”

Copyright © Andy Thornton 2014

Living in Argyll, I’ve been writing, on and off and as time allows, since teenage times.
I’ve worked as a forester, gardener, painter and decorator, clock maker and currently teach those with special needs.
I’ve self published two collections of poems – “The Tree Thief” & “Stellar Dust”


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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2 Responses to Andy Thornton

  1. Some lovely lines here. I particularly like ‘on this whaleback of grey granite’.

  2. “ice- speckled Autumns and the suns of all time.” An enchanted line. The whole poem moves with power.

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