Andrew Hunter: Two poems

dog rose

cows come here now
taking hawthorns for shelter
come winter
come sun
the hoof-cut turf
impossible to walk on.
buttercups turn face to the heat
each with a slug spit stem.
quarrymen take from the gravel pit
their muscular trucks faint
in the distant dust.
take take take
while housemartins make
flight seem so possible
here where pylons stent a thickening sky.
grass tufts a tumbled dyke
that once set a field
from a field
soon it will yield
back to the levelling earth;

returning to stone.

and in among it all a dog rose
a wild rose

pink flowered
rough stemmed

scented with what seems like

The A96 / search engine / 2014

A major road in the North of Scotland it runs generally NW and terminates

(A woman is in a serious condition in hospital in Aberdeen after a crash on)

In its early stages it forms part of Mount Hooly

(A woman aged 80 has died after a collision with a car on the busy)

And the notoriously busy Haudagain

(Moray woman dies in hospital following a two car crash on)

Transport Scotland plans to dual the vital

(An elderly woman has been killed after she was knocked down by a car near Elgin on)

At just over 100 miles long, and the main road between Inverness and Aberdeen, the

(Four injured in three vehicle crash on)

Much of the work contained within the Growth Corridor Development Framework for

(An elderly woman who died after an accident has been named as)

Further overnight closures are currently planned for

(A woman was killed in a road accident near Huntly after the car she was driving on)

The dualing program will involve the construction of over 88 miles of new road on

(Emergency services were called to the scene around 12.10pm yesterday on)

(The collision involved a BMW 3 series being driven east and an Audi A3 being driven west on)

(Heartbroken fiancée pays tribute to boyfriend who yesterday died when driving on)

(Joseph was taken away by air ambulance for treatment in hospital after a collision on)

The Institute of Directors of Scotland lamented the absence of commitment to

(Conditions were said to be treacherous where snow had fallen onto frozen ground on)

The Scottish Government has announced plans to upgrade to dual carriage way by 2030

Copyright © Andrew Hunter 2014

I live and work in Glasgow and have been writing all my life.  I continue to learn from everyone I hear and read and I hope their good influence comes out in what I produce.


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