Neil Fulwood

The Window and How to Stare Out of It

The size of the window doesn’t matter,
nor its state of repair. The frame
can be wormed through with age,
the windowsill dusty.

The view is what counts.
A view of your garden, overgrown
and neglected, is counterproductive,
likewise your car

unwashed on the driveway, or the fence
with its damaged or missing panels.
Avoid views that put tools in your hands
not ideas in your head.

Views work best that feature mountains
or bodies of water. A bridge is good
or a viaduct, but the ideal view is open,
uncluttered; a view

where the sky is prominent. Regarding
the art of staring out of the window,
that’s where it’s easy. Choose the view
wisely, the work’s half done.

Copyright © Neil Fulwood 2014

Neil Fulwood lives in Nottingham and is a member of the Alan Sillitoe Committee, a group dedicated to raising funds for a permanent memorial to Alan in the city of his birth. Neil co-designed their website


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One Response to Neil Fulwood

  1. Thank you for this view of a view. I love the images.

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