Alistair Graham

After the Golden Thread

Alan in a spill
in Lavery’s
after performance
poetry in golden thread; red
wine, like blood,
on the back of his hand
on bar counter
from the splash
of tumbling glass

We split a 70cl
and sip at first,
young girls and lads
down shots behind us,
and shouts, later
outside the doors,
taxis open and close
pick up drop off,
a throw-up boy
bows to the bus stop

We grab a black cab
in Bradbury Place,
climb into its jaws
take the long seat and sit,
stare out from its eyes
at the performance
of passers-by
on the short journey

Alan out first,
later me
after three
pound tip for the trip
and a gaze through partition
to the back of a head
and a glance in the mirror
at the eyes

and a thought in my mind
of division and decades
of barricades; here is fine
thank you, there you go,
it’s my second book,
I hope you like it,
good night

Copyright © Alistair Graham 2014

Alistair lives and works in Belfast. He has two published collections; War and Want , and Streets of Belfast. Both published by Lapwing. He is currently working on a third collection which is approaching completion.


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