Mary Franklin

Blue Nude

Steam from showers and baths
makes this seem a wet room

an odd place for Picasso’s Nu de Dos
but she appears to ignore this

embracing her knees and trying
to regress in search of security

her back turned away as if she needs
nothing more from this world

other than to be left in peace
with the lazy gaze of roses

when the window’s open
or the security of crows

that land on the low stone wall.


Copyright © Mary Franklin 2014


Mary Franklin has had poems published in various journals and anthologies in UK, Canada, Australia and the USA.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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4 Responses to Mary Franklin

  1. A beautiful still life.

  2. A well wrought poem. Memorable phrases: “the lazy gaze of roses”. Nice.

  3. Mary Franklin says:

    Hi David
    So pleased you liked the roses phrase. Many thanks for the kind words.

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