morgan downie: two poems

the weaver, passing

the spinning indigo
of slow looms in late
spanish sunlight,
dusk cloth laid in folds,
darkening into bolts.
such memory becomes
a lexicography
of fabric.

the spun rhythm
of fibre iambic,
spilled ghazal
of the warp.
these names drag
on the tongue,

yet names only
until a concealed
shift of flesh,
the imagination
of desire and cloth
upon skin mouths
them into poetry
and the sudden
touch exhales.

old cloth

and this, this
is parachute silk.
can you believe it?
and this, this
was a shirt he
wore the year we met.
so many flowers
in those days.
these i took
from his ties,
for the colour.
he never wore them.
and this, this
was from my
wedding dress.
old cloth.
so many memories
in its sewing.

copyright © morgan downie 2014

morgan downie is an unreliable narrator with a deep mistrust of artist’s statements. he has
a chequered past involving poetry, short story writing, visual, installation and textile art, book making, sculpture and all points in between. he believes all art can be contained in a decent bike ride.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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