Denise Bonetti


when i push the door
and emerge from this timeless limbo of labeled files
and sure and efficient pieces on a 8×8 grid
leaving wakes in shades of blue-green minimizing eye fatigue since 1955
when I languidly run from this abating nowhere of thin foil bowls
shining back a rose-red reflection on my face
like the slanted streak of light that woke me up from the scent of your chest
some twenty years ago
when i opt for leaving the gown behind
for leaving a few stones unturned
for leaving things and people out of the picture

I know your ankles will be showing
bright white against the hem of your black skinny pants
so hip
and your mismatched dark socks rolled down
the polka-dotted one having missed from my drawer for quite a while

I know you will be chit-chatting to strangers
I know your knees will be as bony
your sideburns as victorian
your voice as soothing

and even if this is not quite something on my to-do list
fuck to-do lists and
talk me to bliss

Copyright © Denise Bonetti 2014

Denise Bonetti is an undergraduate English Literature student at the University of Glasgow. She is very happy and refuses to work on her abuse of the word ‘postmodern’. The man who got her into writing poetry thinks ‘compliment’ and ‘complement’ are the same word.


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