Leilanie Stewart


clings to a shred of scalp

After death,
it is best,
to crush the skull
into bone powder
and fertilise the plants

What a nuisance
a new-sense
of doom

For skeletons
do not keep growing;
their hair
and nails
fall to the whims
of the velvet casket

The four walls
can only contain
what was a foolish
of a mynah bird
a parrot
in the first place

Copyright © Leilanie Stewart 2014

Leilanie Stewart is one half of a writing couple – the other half is poet and writer, Joseph Robert. Her work has appeared in over 30 print and online lit mags in the UK and US. More about her writing can be found at www.leilaniestewart.wordpress.com.

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Poet, publisher, gardener
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  1. Reblogged this on Leilanie Stewart and commented:
    More of my poetry out this month in The Open Mouse….mid-June is turning out to be quite the poetry-fest! Forthcoming debut news, followed by my poet hubby’s publication yesterday and the nights staying light for longer (and warmer too)! Isn’t summer great? 🙂

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