Hamish Scott

Birthin Roums
On the replenishin o the ryal birthin roum at Edinburgh Castle

Thir days haes seen replenisht new
the birthin roum in whilk wis born
a prence tae be a keing o Scots
an tae his kinrik solemn sworn;
syne be a keing o Englan whaur,
wi Englan’s croun apon his heid,
he made a personal union
in whilk his aith tae Scots misgied

An follaed sinnrie keings an queens
o Stewarts syne o Hanovers
that kept the personal union
but aye wi Englan in the first;
for Englan’s sake Keing William helpit
the Companie o Scotlan fail
an Scotlan’s richt Queen Anne misgied
that Scotlan be discomfisht hail

The new ‘Unitit Kinrik’ wis,
an is, an shuirlie wull remain
the same reactionary state
true democrats wull aye disdain;
wi preivilege baith auld an new,
wi sinnrie ranks o laich an hie,
wi oligarchs an plutocrats
an at its heid the monarchie

An this thrie hunner year bygane
baith government an keing an queen
been sneist tae Scotlan’s weel an richts
whan no juist slingin deifies been;
an aye thare’s thaim that Englan sair
an profit weel thairsel thareby;
thon rogues betray thair lan an fowk
an pit thair intrests firstlins aye

It’s but a Scots republic can
mak Scots that truly, hailie free
whaur government fair represents
the hail o Scots societie;
whaur fowk wi pour can no ignore
the muckle feck o ceitizens
an whaur the heid o state wull aye
be leal tae Scots an tae thair grun

An nou a referendum kythes
wi whilk Scots freedom can be wan;
nou cums the day, nou cums the oor
that in the winnin means we can
git yokit tae the biggin o
that Scots republic yit tae be;
aa Scotlan’s sinnrie tirrans redd
an aa thair haivers historie!

Aiblins is born, or wull be born,
i monie public birthin roums,
the subjecks tae be ceitizens
o whit republic Scots assumes
Aiblins is born, or wull be born,
i monie birthin roums the same,
the fowk tae be commisioners
o aa the fowk i Scotland’s name

Aiblins is born, or wull be born,
no thaim tae be a queen or keing
but thaim whase fallae ceitizens
eleck as president tae reing;
for Scotland’s intrests anerlie,
tae be responsible an strang,
an Scotland’s richt tae aye defend
– an subjeck tae recaa gin wrang

Copyright © Hamish Scott 2014

‘Birthin Roums’ is from Hamish Scott’s poetry collection ‘Scotland’s Richt: Thirteen poems anent the 2014 independence referendum’available in print and ebook editions from 4 July, 2014.


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