Petra Reid

Sonnet 154
 Will hath (gone) away and Cupid’s asleep,
 Time’s not been kind to the one partner brand;
 Whilst as young nymphs we vowed chaste life to keep –
 That naiveté’s now got out of hand.
 Open plus honest snuffed out his fire,
 Where fidelity’s dream of us once warmed;
 And so the general of hot desire
 By creeping domesticity’s disarmed.
 Went to couple’s therapy by the by:
 Turns out not love  but desire’s perpetual,
 Classical sex a deux’s sweet remedy
 For couple’s diseased monogamous thrall.
     Came there for cure, and this by that we prove:
     Love loves desire, desire requires no love.

Copyright ©Petra Reid 2014
Several months ago I took a notion to respond to all Shakespeare’s sonnets – in numerical order  and using his rhyme schemes. (The other 153 can be found at ).  But what now?


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