Gerry Stewart

Moon of Long Nights

Moon in a gauze of clouds
bumps against our Greek tower.
I sculpt the slush of air into tangled dreams,
outstretched arms and eyes closed.

The winter-gray sea’s expression
suggests a mistake, a promise misheard.

Muted, we followed a wavering arrow of geese
to these coarse-pebbled shores,
carrying a snow-laden sky and unanswered questions
heavy on our wings.

This midnight gloom dwells with us,
shaking the door with its insistence.

Aware of what lies unsaid in this tiny room.

All sounds are buried
in the slope of sand and waves
until we tilt our faces towards one another,
an eclipse.

Block out the moon,
its empty corners and shadows,
reach for the books yet unwritten,
the dreams lying abandoned on the beach,

for the sun to lead us home.

Copyright © Gerry Stewart 2014

Gerry Stewart is a poet who currently lives in Finland with her family. She is struggling to learn the language. Her poetry collection Post-Holiday Blues has been published by Flambard Press.


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One Response to Gerry Stewart

  1. Robert Nisbet says:

    I really enjoyed this, Gerry – very atmospheric and effectively mysterious.

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