David Colledge

Rahn Ha

Between mouthfuls of alcohol and the din
And strain of neon she appears; her face,
As wide and petulant as a cat’s,
Studies me shyly.  I am all evasion,
Robed in irony and forceful chit-chat,
Stuck in a version of myself.

Rushes through the illusion the texture of her skin,
The flat unresponsive lips, the elusive
Tongue, the smell of her vagina.
The self-conscious bowl of rice
In the morning.  Exhaustion

Comes quickly: soul and penis shrink to nothing,
The dummy clatters on, burdened with so much
Impotence, so much solitude.
What does she want?  Our senses jar.
I note her resolve with quiet horror
And lead her from the bar.

Copyright © David Colledge 2014

I’m a chef from the Scottish Borders who lives, writes and cooks in Glasgow.  I studied Literature and Political Philosophy at Glasgow University and spent a brief period as a foreign language teacher in Korea.  I’ve never had anything published before.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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