Jared A. Carnie

Finding Mozart

Wherever I go
Mozart isn’t there.

He’s not in the kitchen
Behind the pots and pans.

He’s not in Tesco
Behind the parsnips and potatoes.

He’s not in the car
Stuck to the floor like an old sweet.

He’s not in the garage
Gathering dust on an old lawnmower.

He’s not in the bedroom
Warming the welcoming sheets.

He’s not even on the pavement
Or at the beach
Or sprinkled among the trees in the woods.

I’m told he’s everywhere.
I’m told he’s huge
Yet wherever I go
Whatever I do
I just can’t quite find Mozart.

Copyright © Jared A. Carnie 2014

Jared A. Carnie is currently enjoying the freedom of the Outer Hebrides. He will be reading at the Inverness Book Festival in August.

About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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