Petra Vergunst: Three poems

Three Bennachie poems
Once in the late summer birch wood
knee-deep in heather flowers

the trees’ small heart-shaped leaves
glistened at the sun after a summer shower.

Beneath it a spider cobweb
spun between blueberry twigs
hung heavy with heaven raindrop pearls.

I remember this in the same way
as the shelled settlement

a few strides further up the path
so as to not to forget

what kindled the squatters’ fire.

Wind pushes and pulls
the crowns of pines, their trunks
Brush in the occasional hug.

In the rowan’s foliage fold a robin
answers a monotonous call
with honeyed warmth.

On the path a man
Searches the long blue grass
of the enclosure for roaming deer.

Alongside this field the rowan
rooted. She saw the farmer
turn the soil, cast seed,
Lift oats, turnips, tatties while she
Burst into leaves, invited bees,
Offered orange abundance.

Crowning the rowan, pines
push and pull in the breeze. This autumn
Only birds will swallow her berries.
Beneath the foot
of the uprooted spruce
a dish of sand and pebbles

A hundred twined feelers
recollect sand
from trickling into memory

In the enfold a grainy photograph
animated like a lizard
in first spring sunshine

A woman, young boys
a newborn
lullaby of a barren breast

In the heather
a feather of meal
disposed in the breeze

A dusting of flour
Offered to widowed land

Copyright © Petra Vergunst 2014

Petra Vergunst is a freelance community artist, composer and poet. She wrote the above poems to gather inspiration for her string quartet Whispers in the Woods. A pamphlet of her poems, under the title Whispers in the Woods, is published in September.

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