Kevin N Jelf: Two poems

The Right Stuff

With a little of the right stuff,
I’d take a giant leap of faith,
endure the ocean of storms,
and the sombre sea of rains.
Safe within my Kev-lar skin,
I’d emerge from the dark-side.
In awe, I’d watch the Earthrise,
step into the bright Earthlight,
and walk the shores of tranquillity,

A Fall of Moon Dust

A fall of Moon dust
in the bright Earthlight
Buzz plants a boot print
in the glassy lunar soil,
makes an iconic picture
of the ancient regolith,
ground down,
under foot of Man,
for the very first time;
and over billions of years
by meteoric impact and
the constant bombardment
of charged atomic particles
blown in on the Solar wind.

Copyright © Kevin N Jelf 2014

Kevin N Jelf is a 50 year old graphic artist who has lived and worked all his life in Birmingham. For Kevin, writing poetry is something of a compulsion. His subject matter ranges from the personal to the topical.


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