Michael McGill

The Wolf

At school, I wore colours
which matched
the walls.  I wore pale
greens and greys
and I longed to disappear.

One day, we were told
the strange tale
of the little girl
who is eaten
by the wolf.

As the story ends,
she is cut out
from the creature’s insides
and lives happily
ever after.

It was the part before
the ending which puzzled me.
I wondered how the girl
spent those lost hours,
trapped inside the wolf.

And when I look
at my school years now,
I see a little boy
in the window,

and everything
is fuzzy
like Channel Five was
and everything
is frightening.

Copyright © Michael McGill 2014

Michael McGill is a performance poet based in Edinburgh.  He regularly appears at Inky Fingers and Blind Poetics in Edinburgh, and Last Monday at Rio in Glasgow.

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2 Responses to Michael McGill

  1. finolascott says:

    I love how simple and clear this poem is ..how immediately you’re there . I love how it flows to its ending

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