Paul Clyne

Healing House

And what healing it was, this healing
endured through the sickest of years :

white bandages, red-faced bed baths,
the student doctors lauding x-rays

as works of art; my own masterpiece
hung askew near bright metal devices

that hummed, turned our air sweet,
unnerved the chambers of my heart.

Thirty six weeks without diagnosis
despite tests, calculations, diagrams –

blood samples lined up like lollies,
night terrors gauged in kilowatts,

calcium siphoned for willing bones;
each morning the promise of home

became a more distant prospect,
visiting hours brought spectacular

gifts wrapped with ribbons and bows,
teenagers tutting to shoot the crow.

Our loved ones, masters of deflection,
offered gossip in place of questions

they couldn’t find the strength to ask,
weeping behind surgical masks.

Copyright © Paul Clyne 2014

Paul Clyne lives and works in Fife, Scotland. He has returned to writing poetry recently after a ten year hiatus.


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3 Responses to Paul Clyne

    • sunnydunny says:

      You do know that re-publishing someone’s copyrighted work without their permission is illegal under the Copyright Act, do you? If you have the original authors’ permissions I don’t object, but if not they could have you charged. I suggest you take them all down, otherwise I’ll contact the authors myself and tell them what you’re doing.
      Dr Colin Will, publisher and editor.

      • Hello I do apologise for the very late reply. This was due to illnesses. I reblogged this work only to highlight the exceptional creativity and meant no harm in doing so. I sincerely apologise for my lack of foresight. My mistake was to believe that reblogging was a way to inform the wider community of such writer’s gifts. Thank you for keeping me right. Best wishes Brian.

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