Mavis Gulliver

A Contrast of Ravens

Beneath a half moon
in a seamless sky
a raven settles on a pine tree top
ruffles his feathers,
croaks –
and croaks again.

Guttural tones come back
as echoes from the hill –
questions, answers, contact calls
cut through autumn air,
silence of the village
sleeping still.

Free as a wandering wind
he sails across the valley
pooled in mist
swings a lazy circle, comes to land
by banks of brambles,
hogweed gone to seed,

rosehip sprays,
a blackbird’s empty nest,
six foxglove flowers,
frost-mottled, lingering on
with frozen dewdrops
clinging to their tips.

Six ravens in the Tower –
wing-clipped birds
denied the right to flight,
lives confined within a tourist trap,
high stone walls, a square
of London sky.

Copyright © Mavis Gulliver 2014

Author of ‘Slate Voices: Islands of Netherlorn’ (Cinnamon Press, 2014), Mavis Gulliver is currently working on her second collection. Entitled ‘Waymarks’ it will be published by Cinnamon Press in 2015 and includes poems based on landscape and wildlife. Further details of her writing can be found on her website at



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