Judith Taylor

(after Su Shi, 1037-1101)

Ten years dead: why is it only
now I see her
sitting the way she always did
at the mirror, making-up her face
as if I were taking her out somewhere?

Separate worlds in the one room.
We weep for each other
but cannot speak. Spirit,
let me sleep again.
Each time I wake I remember

the long way to your grave.

Copyright © Judith Taylor 2014

Judith Taylor comes from Perthshire and now lives and works in Aberdeen. She has had poems published in a number of magazines and is the author of two pamphlet collections, Earthlight (Koo Press, 2006) and Local Colour (Calder Wood Press, 2010).

About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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2 Responses to Judith Taylor

  1. Robert Nisbet says:

    What a fine, simple and touching poem. Thank you.

  2. Mandy Macdonald says:

    Very beautiful, Judith.

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