John Brewster: Three poems

Three poems by John Brewster


Mother pearls of earth,
shy-stalked nuns at winter prayer,
tears of polished milk.

A Lark’s CV

In one flowing dive
I tip the green tremble
and whisper of rushes,
twirl over cornlight,
brush by the window
of daydreaming Amy,
circle the farmhouse
and plunge into song.

Sad Girl On A Beach

Flowers pressed silent,
stones holding their breath for hours;
the foam agitates.

She reads poetry
out loud, from her heart’s soft lips,
sad girl on a beach.

The sand dunes whistle,
birds freckle the whitened sky;
all is thistledown.

Copyright © John Brewster 2014

John Brewster is a published writer in English and Scots.
His work and writing services can be found on his website at


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2 Responses to John Brewster: Three poems

  1. Robert Nisbet says:

    I enjoyed these poems, John.Their gentle melancholy occasionally hovered near to sentimentality but absolutely never slipped over the line. Each was very touching and atmospheric.

  2. ‘I tip the green tremble and whisper of rushes’ Great sound and sense of movement. Well done.

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