J M Brown


A shadow limped towards the bar, a gentle soul, tall, rangy and pale as a moon. Mickey was a daytime drinker, a stranger to the night. The barman held the glass to the optic, passed the trembling frame its cure. “Give us a hand mate.” Mickey whispered. “I’m a bit out of sorts today.” Cradling the whisky to Mickey’s mouth the barman’s eyes widened when he saw the angry bruising,   “You gotta tell her mate.” he said. The spirit began its work, “She means well.” He sighed.

His faced relaxed,
colour returned,
his dim eyes lit up.

Copyright © J.M. Brown 2015


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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2 Responses to J M Brown

  1. Gmann says:

    Interesting. I read it several times as a life is captured and reflected in a few lines. Powerful. Thank you.

  2. Robert Nisbet says:

    I really like this, Jim: the slight ambiguity, the obliqueness and that neat mix of prose and verse. Most engaging.

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