Andy Thornton

The Girl from Canada

When her teardrop shattered itself
on the pool’s surface,
a million ripples spread across the water.
Tiny circular heartbeats
pulsing out into the world.
Boiling across oceans and airwaves,
back to the land of wide, slow flowing rivers,
earth rooted strongholds
and trees that shaded out the sun and the stars.

And as her voice spoke to me,
molecule touching molecule,
across a thousand miles upon a thousand miles,
my feet edged towards the lochside.
Then the seasons turned
and her teardrops frosted into tiny spicules of ice,
jagged cones that pierced her lakeside resting place
and pricked a pin cushion of holes in my heart

Copyright © Andy Thornton 2015

Living in Argyll, I’ve been writing, on and off and as time allows, since teenage times.
I’ve worked as a forester, gardener, painter and decorator, clock maker and currently teach those with special needs.
I’ve self published two collections of poems – “The Tree Thief” & “Stellar Dust”



About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to Andy Thornton

  1. jim brown says:

    Good to see Andy back, been missing his poems.

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