Maureen Weldon


We drove from Cork to Kinsale.

In a mauve-pink sky,
moon hung low, as though
bowing to the last rays of sun.

Shops, cafes, bars, were
brimming with Christmas.

The harbour almost filled with yachts
and evening fishing boats;
moorings softly clanking.

A dog barks, with a deep voice in the frosty air.

‘And where would you like to go now?’
my friend asks.

‘Over the hill to Summercove.’

We drove up the high-cliff road,
past Charles Fort
moon-wrapped and shadowed.

Descending into the cove –
I stood, stood gazing across the sea;
a sea so still, I thought,
it might be remembering
when I fished with my father.

‘We are rowing near the Lusitania.’ he said.
And he told me the sad and dreadful tale.

He told me about the Spanish Armada, wrecked
and fallen apart. How some survivors

I pictured dark-eyed colleens
wearing The Kinsale Cloak.

Snapping a photograph,
I returned to the car.
My heart a storm of memories.

[The Spanish Armada, or The Siege of Kinsale, 2nd October 1601 – 3rd January 1602]

Copyright © Maureen Weldon 2015

Maureen Weldon is a widely published poet. Most recently Terra Poetica Anthology, Poetry Scotland, The Sons of Camus International Journal. November 2014 her pamphlet Midnight Robin was published by Poetry Space Lt.. October 2014 she was invited to take part in an International Poetry Festival, Terra Poetica, Ukraine. A life-changing experience.


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