Anne Dunford

House for Sale

House for sale, owner moving on
leaving carpets, curtains, memories.
Memories of love, of a lifetime
of comings and goings, of sadness
of happiness, of friendships, of loss,
of inspiration and desperation.

House for sale, owner moving on.
Time to reassess, readjust, replay
the years lived under this roof.
Time to remember the changes,
the good times, the bad times, all
times of learning, of  loving, leaving.
Time to let go, with no regrets.
House for sale, owner moving on.

Copyright © Anne Dunford 2015

In addition to Open Mouse, poems have appeared in a variety of publications such as Southlight, Markings, Fankle and editions of Indigo Dream Dawntreader & Heart Shoots. Two short plays directed by Jacquie Crago have been performed at The Swallow Theatre. Currently working on compiling a collection of poems and writing a longer play while wishing the days were twice as long!


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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5 Responses to Anne Dunford

  1. Poignant and practical. We do have to move on.

  2. Nigel says:

    At least the body has caught up with your mind now, Anne. A very `moving’ poem! You are right…and you capture how preparing to leave house does trigger all sorts of memories.

  3. Anne Dunford says:

    Thanks – the move is now safely behind us and I can hopefully find more time to write!

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