Simon Weller


…and this is where my faith lives.
This is its bowl, and here
Is its blanket.  I am afraid
We had it neutered.  Better safe than sorry!

Any day in the park, you see
All kinds of people with their faiths.
Some large, some small, some pure
Bred – they take them to Crufts,

Spend all their time grooming and training,
Chatting with those who own
Faiths of the same kind, keeping records,
Inbreeding.  A lot of weaknesses creep in,

In my view.  Mine is a bit of a mongrel
Heinz 57, really.  It suits us very well,
But sometimes keeps us awake at night
Barking at shadows.

Copyright © Simon Weller 2015


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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One Response to Simon Weller

  1. harryowen says:

    I like this very much – thank you.

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