Jonathan Lewis

New Year

Sodden roots pump blood
into deep mud that coils
around emerald hills
like Chinese dragons.
Elephant seals adorn Año Nuevo,
splayed like pharaohs along the shore.
The bulls fight over their consorts,
puffing out chest plates of scar tissue.
Pups with charcoal eyes observe
these roaring lords of the marine world,
while rain sweeps the sand
into the thick folds of their skins.
Beyond the hills the shoreline pulls
down into the depths, where chimeras
hook the currents with birdlike wings.
Ravens stare below at the scene unfold,
cawing from their speckled perches
like firecrackers before the new moon.

Copyright © Jonathan Lewis 2015

Jonathan Lewis co-taught a DeCal course on Scottish history and culture at U.C. Berkeley. His poems have appeared in Dream Catcher, Obsessed with PipeworkOrbis, and other publications; a poetry-themed humour piece is forthcoming in the London Miscellany.


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Poet, publisher, gardener
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