Suzanne Iuppa

from Solva                                                                 

Clouds needle us with rain. Our faces
wet with heave and hurt up steps, into views
our ancestors kissed. Then they set off
on long ferries. Tirah, Lorenzo! Tirah, Myfanwy!
How many miles did their sold wordly goods get them?

Nothing short of a generational miracle
finding treasure they left; faithful cliffs we share with
chough and kittiwake. So, the birds won’t mind us
pinching a few blackberries, licking the juice from our fingers.
Our shining eyes marry the adjoining hayfields.

Copyright © Suzanne Iuppa 2015

Suzanne Iuppa is a poet, community worker, and filmmaker. She loves nature, people and food; and has recently been writing poems and making films about healing wells in Wales.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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