David Subacchi


It’s been a while since I was here
Since I was really here
As opposed to just popping in
For something to help
With my homework
Or to enhance an essay
For college submissions
I think it may take some time

It’s noisier now
Someone reading stories
To cross legged listeners
Others tapping keyboards
Connected to headphones
The regular interruption of ring tones
There is a lot of technology
Humming in the background

But that strange numbering system
Still remains. I never understood it
And still take books from the shelves
Failing to return them
To their proper places
The sighing librarian follows
Restoring each volume
To its correct position
I feel I have come home

Every newspaper and magazine
Is available here
And they are no longer secured
To wooden poles for security
The hard straight backed chairs
Have been replaced
With more comfortable seats
I could almost fall asleep

And my familiar companions
Remain with their carrier bags
Stuffed with mysterious items
Only their faces are different
Though the conversation
Is as bizarre as ever
Looking around
The well-stocked bookshelves
I wonder how long it will be
Before I once again blend in
And become invisible.

Copyright © David Subacchi 2015

David lives North Wales and is now a full time writer and poet. He is of Italian origin and also writes in Welsh. Cestrian Press has published two collections of his English poetry ‘First Cut’ (2012) and ‘Hiding in Shadows’ (2014).


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