Tom Foy

Dundee Rap:

Tak tent

gaither roon’
Jock Broon
kneel doon
pray fer King
or yer deid
pistol shot
in yer heid
wife an bairns
maun jalooze
Bluidy Clavers
in da hoose.

In 1685 Graham of Claverhouse captured a Covenanter named John Brown. When John Brown refused to pray for the King, Graham of Claverhouse drew a pistol and shot him dead in front of Brown’s wife and children

Copyright © Tom Foy 2015

“Tom Foy is a dilettante in his mid 60’s who lives in Inverness.  He enjoys trying to sing in Sacred Harp and kirtan gatherings and has been an enthusiastic, if unaccomplished, bell ringer at the Cathedral for several years.  He sometimes writes throwaway haiku.”


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