K Hodgson-Pryce

The Incomer

I’ll be honest wi’ ye
I dreamt my whole life of living in the Highlands
I thought the north westerlies would shove me alive
I thought I’d breathe deeper,
feel freer
think better
but the shop assistants shout past
greetings to the locals
they think “d’ye want a carrier bag” is the same as saying “hello”
and “there ye go” translates as “thanks”
It’s like they’re in their own front room,
which I suppose they are

I’m much more irrelevant here
which is really saying something

I once told the driver of a Stagecoach bus that I lived here now
He told me I wouldn’t get any special treatment,
but it was the special treatment I was trying to avoid
I thought I’d look across to the islands
and feel at the centre
but instead I’m in the hairline crack at the bottom of a bowl
destined to be drowned in the broth

it’s not the dying that bothers me, ye understand
it’s not having someone’s hands about my throat

Copyright © K. Hodgson-Pryce 2015

I’m an online English language teacher. Hailing from Glasgow, I moved to Aviemore a few years ago with my husband who is a mountain guide. I spend most of my free time hill-walking (regardless of the weather), bird-watching, writing, reading or wondering why I’m not writing.


About sunnydunny

Poet, publisher, gardener
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