Three translations by Thomas Clark

Three translations by Thomas Clark


Ah hae dreamt o flicht. Ah hae dreamt
O yer sois, scaitert, in the chaumer.
Alang a pier, a mither;
An fifteen years o nurtur bi the oor.

Ah hae dreamt o flicht. “For aye an aye”,
Sicht at the stairs o the bou;
Ah hae dreamt o a mither;
A ripe buss o strachle,
An weddin braws knappit wi starn.

Alang a pier…
Alang a hause that’s drounin!

(From Cesar Vallejo)


Whan fou, ah vex, ah cry,
Ah think, ah say;
In hert ah find
If ah e’er die,
If ah e’er gan awa,
Thair, whaur there is deith,
Thair, whaur coortin’s made,
Ah gan ayont that…
If ah e’er die,
If ah e’er gan awa.

(From Nezahualcoyotl)


Cursin the dochter, the mither cried,
“Lass, ah wairnt ye aft o luve!
Noo ah see ah wairnt in vain.”
The dochter said, “Ma, dinnae chide!
Tae haud him oot ah sneckt the door,
He flew wi ivery sunbeam in;
Ootside ah socht evite fae dreams,
An haurd his sich oan ivery wund;
An whan ma ears an een ah shut,
He sleely ran aboot ma hert.”

(Johan Ludvig Runeberg)

Translations copyright © Thomas Clark, 2015

Thomas Clark is a writer and journalist who is currently poet-in-residence at Selkirk FC. His first pamphlet, Intae the Snaw, was published by Gatehouse Press in September 2015.


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